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Executive Podcast Solutions has a single, focused, mission: to give thought leaders and companies a voice

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We don’t want our clients to stress over any technical details. We take care of this so you can concentrate on crafting your message. At EPS, we construct platforms that allow you to reach your clients, customers, peers, prospects, members and the public. We do the building; you do the speaking, just as it should be.


Full-service, end to end production from wherever you are in the world. Trust us, we make it easy.


We know you're busy with other things in your life. From content structure to themes, and from imaging to sound, we're here to help.


It's not enough just to post. We have a team to help with all things marketing - whether it be your social posts or creating your own website.

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Our Process
We've been pursuing this mission for a long time, quite literally from the very beginning of podcasting. We've launched hundreds of podcasts and produced thousands of episodes for demanding clients.

Podcasting is a tricky business, technically speaking. There are a lot of moving parts: mics, headphones, computers, bandwidth, audio capture software, recording acoustics, file formats, file transfer, audio editing, feed maintenance, podcast aggregators, website building, posting, archiving, file service, server upkeep, promotion, download stats...and more.

Our Team

Jeremy Corr


Jeremy is the co-host and producer of the Fixing Healthcare podcast and host of the New Books in Medicine podcast, part of the New Books Network (NBN), a nonprofit network of podcast channels reaching over 1,000,000 listeners each month. He has over a decade of experience recording and producing audio and video content. He has successfully launched, and helped others launch, multiple popular podcasts.

Kate Kruse

Vice President

Kate is a Class of 2020 graduate from the University of Iowa with a B.A. in Enterprise Leadership. Kate joined Executive Podcast Solutions in October of 2019 and has loved helping several clients develop and produce their shows. She is also the host of the 20 Something Scaries podcast where she talks with guests about their experiences as learning and growing young adults. Outside of podcasting, she enjoys spending time with friends around Iowa City, traveling, and reading.

Grace Keller

Front End Producer

Grace is a senior journalism & mass communications student at The University of Iowa, graduating in May 2021. As a passionate advocate for ethical and solid investigative journalism and an avid consumer of true crime, Grace has used her time in the podcasting world to write and host her own true crime podcast, Grace is on the case. When she isn't working on all things Podcasting, she serves in a leadership role in her sorority, Chi Omega, and advocates for children's literacy in underserved communities as the reigning Miss Eastern Iowa.

Marshall Poe

CTO | Back End Producer

Why We're The Best

Our Process

Concierge Style

To us, concierge style means every client we work with gets exactly what they feel necessary to bring their show success. That could mean a complete assessment of their brand and podcast concept, including assistance with all editing, publishing, and promotion.

Hosting Our Own Shows

Podcasting isn't just a job to us. Everyone who works at EPS hosts their own show, so we understand all of the passion, pride and sense of ownership that goes into yours.

We Can Get You Guests

If you'd like guests on your show, we have a large network in several industries that we can help you book for your show.

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Have you been thinking about starting a podcast for a while but didn't know how to start? Well, you have your answer now because that's what we're here for. No matter where you are in the world, you can get started today!

Providing Concierge Podcast Services For Thought Leaders and Companies Since 2007

Ready To Start?

Executive Podcast Solutions is ready to launch your podcast no matter where you are.

Ready To Start?

Executive Podcast Solutions is ready to launch your podcast no matter where you are.

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